So 17 11 ’19   Schnellbüffet Süd

The Düsseldorf Düsterboys

Thanks to their involvement in the German lo-fi rock band International Music, most people in touch with Germany’s current pop culture will probably be more or less familiar with the friendly faces of Peter Rubel and Pedro Goncalves Crescenti. In 2016, the duo of Düsseldorf Düsterboys (literally: gloomy boys from Düsseldorf) delivered a smooth and smart ballad with their first song Teneriffa and was recently spotted on the German late-night TV show Neo Magazin Royale, a satirical format presented by tongue-in-cheek comedian Jan Böhmermann. It was here that they shared a stage with composer Albrecht Schrader to perform Marijke Amado, a tribute song to the female presenter of a very popular German kids TV show from the 1990, the Mini Playback Show, which gave children the chance to dress up and perform as their favourite musicians live on stage. This year the band will release their debut album Nenn mich Musik (Call me Music) which promises to serve us a beautiful slice of soulful autumn music. With only few words and the warm and velvety sound of a piano and guitars, the gloomy band, who does not even come from Düsseldorf, manages to create a comforting atmosphere that invites us to temporarily leave our troubles behind and forget that with every new minute a new abyss may awaits us. Late on Sunday afternoon, the Düsseldorf Düsterboys will be playing their first Leipzig show at TransCentury Update No. 4 and will make us forget that the day after Sunday will always be a Monday.

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