Sa 16 11 ’19   Ilses Erika

Shari Vari

“Experimental miracle pop“ – that’s how our media partner ByteFM described Shari Vari’s sinlge Out Of Order, released in July 2019. Their new album Now has been around for a few weeks and the music continues to be wondrous, exciting, experimental, electronic, avant garde and unabashedly poppy. Shari Vari consists of film maker Helena Ratka and Sophia Kennedy, who recently caused a stir with her solo releases. Together they produce minimal to maximal electronic music reminiscent of both the early experimental Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the darker, catchy tracks of Suicide, only wrapped up in a new veil, firmly grounded in present, in the Now. On Saturday, Shari Vari will play their very first show in Leipzig. We strongly recommend arriving early at Tanzcafé Ilse Erika to be in the right place at the right time, to be in the Now.

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