Fr 15 11 ’19  Conne Island

Sarah Farina

Since 2010, Sarah Farina has been taking her rainbow bass to the clubs and festivals of this world. Always cheerful, she manages to transport her positive attitude from her decks straight to the dance floor. Genre boundaries exist to be transgressed and it’s precisely what Sarah Farina achieves in her sets that combine wavering Miami bass, hip hop, jungle and grime. Sometimes a garage rock song or 60’s hit will find its way into the set and it’s just as well because for Sarah Farina what counts is to tap into the moment and infuse the dance floor with a great and positive vibe. It’s an approach that foregrounds music as a universal means to transport emotions: no walls, no borders, no prejudices. In a spirit along these lines, Sarah Farina will make us dance through the night on Friday, following the set of KOKOKO!

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