Fr 15 11 ’19  Conne Island


Irresistibly pounding, pumping and clattering beats emanate from an array of self-built instruments when KOKOKO! invite you onto the dancefloor. Since releasing their debut album Fongola in July, the five-piece Congolese collective has been touring non-stop. Shortly before their album release, a review in the British newspaper The Guardian read: “If Devo had been upcycling guitars and jamming at block parties in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, they might have sounded something like Kokoko!.” The band itself describes its sound as tekno kintueni — raw, electronically inspired party music. The difference being that all electronic music equipment has been replaced by a range of percussion and drum elements, plastic bottles that sound like a xylophone, one-string guitars made from wooden leftovers and a megaphone. With their driving, analogue club sounds, KOKOKO! will open the line-up at Conne Island on the first day of the festival and after the stage performances at UT Connewitz. Expect to be introduced to slightly unconventional type of club night.

Sarah Farina →