So 17 11 ’19  UT Connewitz

Jessica Pratt

With Quiet Signs Jessica Pratt released her third studio album earlier this year. Gentle sounds of analogue flute, Glockenspiel and acoustic guitar weave into a tender, musical fabric adorned by occasional appearances of piano and organ. At times, her sonorous voice gives her songs a nasal, mewling, helium-esque feel. At other times, it simply serves as an onomatopoetic backdrop. The album title is clearly setting the pace. There are no traces of rock or noise, the overall atmosphere is one of tranquillity. The songs float calmly, creating a soundscape reminiscent of the great era of folk, at times hinting at dream pop and bossa nova. The album feels like a peaceful oasis made of songs which seem eager to retreat into themselves. In an interview the singer admitted that while she loves complex and rich musical textures, they are not necessarily a main priority in her own compositional approach which is marked by an intrinsic simplicity and calmness.

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