Sa 16 11 ’19  UT Connewitz

Cate Le Bon

In May 2019, the Welsh musician Cate Le Bon released her fifth studio album Reward. At first listening, the album exudes a soothing sense of tranquillity: dense and warm instrumentals wrap around vocal harmonies inviting the listener to effortlessly drift through the ten beautiful indie pop songs that make up the album. For those listening attentively, the songs unveil a complex and dark world of emotions boiling underneath an apparently smooth and blissful surface. On her recordings and during her live shows, Cate Le Bon manages to deliver an experimental chamber pop sound in a casual 60s style only matched by few. The unique sound she creates is the type of melancholic feel-good-music that allows the listener to discover a lot about themselves. A few years back, Cate Le Bon came to visit Leipzig as a guitarist for White Fence. Now she returns with her own band to play their first show in Leipzig on the second festival day of TransCentury. We cannot wait to have her back.

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