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Beverly Glenn-Copeland

The materialization of the musical output by singer and composer Beverly Glenn-Copeland as a record in a traditional sense was limited to very rare and sporadic occasions: Firstly two folk jazz records were released in 1970 foregrounding her enormous vocal qualities with an equally delicate and complex analogue instrumentation. They were followed by ambient record Keyboard Fantasies in 1986, an album that has reached recognition beyond its genre featuring 7 tracks with a highly unique and ground-breaking blend of electronica, new age and folk. In the period that followed, Copeland devoted time to producing scores for films and children’s TV shows such as Sesame Street and Mr. Dressup. Following the rediscovery of an old tape by a Japanese record label in 2015, Glenn-Copelands career gained a new momentum which saw him embark on his first tour at the age of 75. Together with the band Indigo Ensemble he will, for the first time, perform his work to date on stage.

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