TransCentury Update No.3


 SAT 17 NOV 18 • 10.30 PM • CONNE ISLAND 

Shigeru Ishihara, still familiar to most people as DJ Scotch Egg, and Kiki Hitomi are a self-proclaimed Science-Ninja Team. From their home bases in Berlin and Leipzig, their project fearlessly combines elements of Dub, Kraut and experimental electronic music. On this year’s EP WaqWaq Kingdom, they invite us on an inward journey to the centre of their spiritual worlds by guiding us through the light and darkness of their Yin and Yang aesthetics. Their sadly way to short EP radiates with heaps of danceable rhythms, repetitive vocals and perpetual portions of Positivity. Headlining the last concert at Conne Island on Saturday, WaqWaq Kingdom will see us dance until it’s time for us to go to sleep.