TransCentury Update No.3



For almost 11 years Meghan Remy has been making music as a band and solo artist under the moniker of U.S. Girl. In her early days, Meghan’s music would probably have still qualified as lo-fi pop, an image that was reinforced by her collaborations with Slim Twig, amongst others. However, with every new release there was an increasing sense that U.S. girl wanted continually to outgrow these boundaries. Since the 2015 album Half Free, her project has managed to protrude from the masses with a distinctive style of catchy proto-disco songs, often reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac. On her new album In A Poem Unlimited, Remy merges musical pop aesthetics with lyrical elements of avant-garde progressiveness. For the very first time, she invited a handful of collaborators to contribute to the album. After touring extensively as a solo artist, her live set-up has seen a significant change and is once again joined by members of her band The Cosmic Range.