TransCentury Update No.3


 SAT 17 NOV 18 • 10.30 PM • CONNE ISLAND 

Multi-Love (2015) offered Ruban Nielson, guitarist, singer and cocomposer of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, a space to come to terms with the surprises, frustrations, unredeemed desires and sexual satisfactions that love and body constellations between multiple people can yield. Themes of sensuality continue to run through his new LP Multi-Love, released this spring. While the narrative qualities of the lyrics, specifically the sex metaphors, don’t quite reach the level of Led Zeppelin’s repertoire, the versatile compositional skills, we have come to expect from them, have developed even further. On Hunnybee, for instance, a set of strings initiates the song, followed by an irresistibly groovy beat before Nielson’s voice pours all over the sweet melody like a sticky nectar. Moments that focus on creaky, almost grotesquely distorted guitars remain an exception and despite or precisely because they are backed by layers of effects, they remind us of the raw and unpolished desert rock moments of the late 90s. Live we can look forward to having fragments of electro, particles of indie pop and blazing stretches of funk pulsate through our bodies.