TransCentury Update No.3



With their recent release of Room Inside The World, Ought have not only changed labels from Constellation to Merge, but have also made a delicate transition towards more wave and pop inspired song writing. While their earlier releases More Than Any Other Day (2014) and Sun Coming Down (2015) were still firmly and evidently routed in the tradition of post punk music, their new oeuvre, produced by Nicolas Vernhes (i.a Deerhunter and Animal Collective) is characterised by an opulent and much more refined spectrum of sounds: a vibraphone, perfectly pitched synths, drum computers and (occasionally) a 70headed choir underpin impeccably executed breakdowns and bestow tremendous depth onto the still very tight structure of their song writing. The live arrangement itself hasn’t changed much: the captivating and charismatic presence and voice of Tim Tarcy still remains at the centre of the stage. Leisurely swinging his microphone, he always seems ready to pay homage to Mark E. Smith and his gestures. If you were to believe the editors of our media partner Spex, Ought are one of the few reasons why we don’t have to proclaim just yet that rock is dead. In their own words, Ought are »the best thing that rock still has to offer.«