TransCentury Update No.3


 FRI 16 NOV 18 • 7.30 PM • UT CONNEWITZ 

Be it at the opera or a house party, a festival or an underground club, with their free style rooted somewhere in between electro, funk jazz and avant-rock, the flamboyant Orchestra of Spheres always manages to get the masses moving. It’s a wonderful chaotic clash in which South and West African rhythms, sounds of distorted 60s guitars, sci-fi synths and futuristic disco beats collide. Besides, the fourheaded band from New Zealand also looks and sounds as if they came straight from outer space or a faraway planet where dancing is the only possible god, or aliengiven form of existence. Their spectacle unfolds using self-made instruments such as a biscuit-tin guitar, a sexmouse marimba or an electric bass turned chimes. Having a Doctor of Mathematics like Dan Snaith (Caribou) admit to being a fanboy (»Part Sun Ra other- wordliness, part Sublime Frequencies and part ESG…Orchestra of Spheres blew me away.«) is probably due to OoS’s complicated layers of cleverly arranged rhythms where multilayered robot beats mix with patterns that are chaotic but never arbitrary.