TransCentury Update No.3


 SUN 18 NOV 18 • 7.30 PM • UT CONNEWITZ 

The accordion is loaded with so many clichés, it rarely features in contemporary pop and rock music contexts – and yet, hardly any other instrument has infused so many different genres: Shanty, Tango and folk, to name just a few. The compositions of solo artist Mario Batkovic, in contrast, are ones that truly reinvent accordion music by weaving fragments of classical and contemporary experimen- tation into several layers of ambient soundscapes. At times, it sounds as if he was playing three instruments at once. Other times, Batkovic abstains from melodies completely, working with the mechanics of the instrument alone: no bellow can be heard, just the clacking of the buttons and sounds of the corpus. In 2015, Batkovic went on tour with our friends of Beak> before being signed to Invada by Geoff Barrow.