TransCentury Update No.3


 FRI 16 NOV 18 • 7.30 PM • UT CONNEWITZ 

»When the blatant happiness of people stares you in the face until you end up feeling sad. That’s when you suddenly find yourself feeling all alone in the club, isolated, wishing you were elsewhere.« This is how the band members of Klaus Johann Grobe describe their Disco- gedanken (disco sounds) which is also the name of the first single of their new album Du bist so symmetrisch (You are so symmetrical), released in October this year. On their record, Daniel Bachmann and Sevi Landolt stick to their basic, time-proven instrumentation of Farfia organ, analogue synthesizers, drums and bass. With these instruments, they produce an irresistible mix of kraut, jazz rock and disco tunes - all things designed to pull you straight onto the dancefloor to either lose yourself completely or awkwardly pretend to do so. In addition, the play with German lyrics of casual elegance delivered in a slightly clumsy, naïve and tenderly sentimental way: »Our goodbyes are drifting by taking the fast lane / I come to realise / how nice it was / and then she says: ‘bye bye’.« Klaus Johann Grobe leave us with a glitterball of disco tunes - until it’s time to say goodbye again.