TransCentury Update No.3


 FRI 16 NOV 18 • 7.30 PM • UT CONNEWITZ 

Kikagaku Moyo are at present one of the few bands to include influences of folk music in their approach to psychedelia. Starting from their early releases s.t. (2013) and Forest of Lost Children (2014), they have continually revived the genre of sleepy psych rock with a soft and stripped-down instrumentation composed of gentle percussions, chimes and the signature sound of Kalkutta-trained sitar player Ryu Kurosawa. The results are subtle, harmonic and rich drone structures joined by the occasionally more forceful and eruptive jams on their more recent releases. By their own admission, music is still a means to affect the psyche in transcendental ways, ideally liberating both body and soul. The band name, for example, refers to geometrical patterns their drummer Go saw on the back of his eyelids »after jamming all night long. I was totally in the ‘zone’, half awake and half asleep, but my hands were tapping the drums involuntarily.«