TransCentury Update No.3


 SAT 17 NOV 18 • 10.30 PM • CONNE ISLAND 

F.U.U. (Fuck You Up) is the message that goes out to all sexists in a music video released by Dream Wife just in time for International Women’s Day. Instead of handling the topic with well-worn velvet gloves, Rakel Mjöll, Alice Go and Bella Podpadec plunge headfirst into the ring of EVE Wrestling to play amongst the female wrestlers of the London sports club. Performance actions and a Riot grrrl attitude are consistent features of their output that also stretches beyond their recent video clip. Starting out as a fake band at art school, they have been working on several projects, including a mockumentary in the spirit of Spinal Tab which, like their band name, could be read as a biting commentary on well-established gender roles and the objectification of women. Quite as you would expect from an unruly bunch of Riot grrrls, on stage we can look forward to outrageously catchy tracks, unpolished, bold guitar riffs, and shrill vocal passages that are complemented by self-made props turning the world of imagination into tangible reality.