TransCentury Update No.3


 SUN 18 NOV 18 • 7:30 PM • UT CONNEWITZ 

Suggestive whirring in the distance, a tonal breeze sweeps across the soundscape, swirling melodies here and there before the isothermal and isotheral masters do their duty at last: lightning bolts of sound strike aural harmonies and discharge their unexpected energies, which reverberate across soundscapes with the ferociousness of an elemental force. The music of AMEO has seen their members explore many unchartered territories in sound. In 2017, the 18-strong orchestra, spearheaded by Daniel Glatzel, released their fourth studio album Vula. Since celebrating their 10th anniversary, with extensive live shows last year, the “genre-bending curiosa” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, German newspaper) aka AMEO has adopted a notably more melodic approach but without losing any of their explosive and unpredictable potential. We look forward to a very special, seated concert on Sunday.